Machine learning and artifical intelligence

Recent years have seen a growing excitement surrounding computational methods for digital data collection and analysis. These applications are situated in the overlapping areas of the social sciences and computer science. They relate inter alia to data mining, natural language processing, automated text analysis, web scraping, data visualization, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Organizations produce large amounts of text, often too numerous for hand-coding, yet with large potential for research and practice. In the last years, large amounts of digital information (both text and visual data) have become ever more accessible for research purposes due to advancements in computational methods.

I seek to develop and apply data collection and analysis techniques relying primarily on computational methods and tools, with the objective to answer substantive theory-driven questions in the organization sciences and public administration. In addition, I am interested in how artificial intelligence is changing strategic decision-making in organizations.

Jan Boon
Postdoctoral researcher

My research focuses on strategic management and reputation; organizational change, learning and innovation; and machine learning and artificial intelligence.