Fear of missing out? Linking workplace changes and presenteeism.


Why do employees continue to work during illness? So-called presenteeism behaviour is a topic of great managerial and societal importance as it is connected to a series of negative individual and organisational outcomes. A growing body of research points to the importance of workplace factors in shaping employee stress and uncertainty and, ultimately, presenteeism behaviour. Curiously though, the impact of workplace changes on presenteeism behaviour has not been examined, even though the potential stress-inducing effects of such change are well-recognised. Building on a data set from the Australian Public Service, we examine how workplace changes are related to presenteeism behaviour. Our findings show that workplace changes generally provoke presenteeism behaviour. Specifically, cutback-related changes appear to cause presenteeism. This finding is relevant in times when many organisations are confronted with major budget cuts.

In Australian Journal of Public Administration